Research Information Hub offers a general view to research funding

Research Information Hub offers a general view to research funding

Research funding has got media visibility during the autumn. There's been discussion about diminishing public funding and articles about funding by private foundations. How is research funded in Finland? Let's try few easy searches.

Academy of Finland funded 970 projects in 2017.
Hundred largest funders are responsible for roughly 80 % of private funding.
How about the relevance of funding by Business Finland? Or the share of EU grants?

Searching for complete, easily digestable picture of research funding is desperate work. Nuggets of information are on the homepages of universities and research funders in different forms. Trying to percieve the general view calls for nerves and wastes time.

Research Information Hub solves this problem. The funding database of the Hub accumulates data about Finnish competitive research funding and is planned to contain the bulk of it in the future. The funding database is ready to receive information at the end of 2018.  From the Hub this uniform information flows to the universities and other research organisations. At the start funding database contains mainly public funding but gradually includes private grants too.

Later when the Hub's portal - - comes online the comprehensive picture of research funding can be summoned on the screen with few mouse clicks. The portal services all curious minds and gives visibility to all research funders in Finland.


Published originally 25.10.2018.

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Walter Rydman

The writer coordinates co-operation between the Finnish research administrations and seeks common ground on research information management.