Sisu decommissioned, Puhti is coming soon

Sisu, our trusted and reliable workhorse has retired. Sisu started its service in the autumn of 2012 and it was decommissioned on Monday 19.8. Note that all data is available from Taito, since Taito and Sisu shared the same storage system. ( Happy Retirement, Sisu! )

Puhti Pilot Phase is ending this week and then there will be a mandatory few days service break before Puhti general availability. This timetable means that there is a gap between Sisu decommissioning and Puhti general availability. This unfortunate situation is due to the need to decommission Sisu to avoid severe delays in Mahti installation schedule.

We are doing our best to switch on Puhti and Puhti AI for researchers as soon as possible. Tentatively, the data management system Allas will be in use in September and our future flagship Mahti will be taken in use in early 2020 and our new environment will reach its full capacity.

More information: DL2021 Utilization pages