Six reasons to visit us @ISC 2019

The ISC High Performance conference will once again bring together over 3,500 researchers and commercial users, as well 160 exhibitors, ready to share their experiences with the latest technology and products to the high performance computing (HPC) community in Frankfurt, Germany.

Ever heard of LUMI or Mahti, Puhti and Allas? And how are they connected to high performance computing? Come by our stand at ISC 2019 to find out about the new Finnish super power trio and EuroHPC joint undertaking. 

EuroHPC and LUMI: One of the three new pan-European high-performance supercomputers is going to be placed in CSC datacenter in Kajaani, a city in northern Finland, and is hosted by LUMI (Large Unified Modern Infrastructure, acronym means also "snow" in Finnish) consortium. The LUMI machine will be about ten times more powerful than the most powerful supercomputer currently in Europe. At the time of installation in 2020 it will be one of the world's fastest computer systems with theoretical computing power of more than 200 petaflop/s.  The system will provide highly competitive HPC resources for Europe's scientific, industrial and public users.

Puhti, meaning stamina and energy in Finnish, is a computing cluster intended to cover a broad range of simulations and data intensive computations.  Puhti is the first phase of the CSC's next-generation supercomputing environment providing a supercomputer partition with total peak performance of 1.8 Petaflops and a partition for Artificial Intelligence research with total peak performance of 2.7 Petaflops from GPUs.

Mahti, a Finnish word for power and might, is the CSC's new supercomputer for massive parallel jobs up to several tens of thousands of cores and 6.5 Petaflops of total peak performance. These coupled with Infiniband HDR interconnect with Dragonfly + topology enables Mahti to perform large-scale simulations.

Allas, or a pool in Finnish, is a cross-platform service for storing and sharing data. Allas supports large data uploads from organizations and individual data management cases. Data can be shared for customized groups or published publicly on the Internet.

World-class training as one of PRACE's six Advanced Training Centers. With 119 training days, 77 training events a year and close to 1100 participants CSC offers high quality and versatile training in the area of scientific computing, data networking and data management. CSC is an active participant in European training collaboration and networks and have been one of the PRACE Advanced Training Centers since 2012. Come by our stand to find out about our training offering for fall 2019.

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ISC 2019 is held from June 17 – June 20, in Frankfurt, Germany