The second Finnish LUMI Extreme Scale Access call for projects is open

The second Finnish LUMI Extreme Scale Access call for projects is open

The second Finnish call for proposals for LUMI Extreme Scale Access projects is open. The call will close on 17 October 2022. The accepted projects should mostly use LUMI's GPU partition (LUMI-G), which will be open for users in November 2022.

This call for proposals is aimed for high-impact, high-gain innovative research, open to all fields of science justifying the need for the capacity to use extremely large allocations in terms of compute time (especially GPU) and data storage resources. The call for the Finland's LUMI Extreme Scale Access projects is organized by CSC – IT Center for Science, and it is open for researchers in Finnish higher education and research institutions.

The lifetime of the projects is by default one year.  You can find more information on different LUMI access modes on the LUMI website. Other LUMI access modes can be applied for at MyCSC.

We encourage the applicants to concretely bring up in their proposals why their research topic needs these resources, and if their project would be granted the requested resources, what would be the resulting scientific breakthrough.

In the proposal, applicants need to:

  • Demonstrate that the research requires the use of extremely large allocations to reach the objectives;
  • Demonstrate that the method, software and tools are technically adapted to LUMI GPU. This can be shown by technical data collected from GPU systems currently available: Mahti GPU, Puhti GPU, LUMI Early Access Platform or other large accelerated system, such as Piz Daint, see also the instructions at the bottom of the web page;
  • Provide a project plan, with adequate time schedule of the expected resource consumption during the lifetime of the project.

The proposals will go through technical and scientific evaluation. Proposals will be scientifically assessed by an international panel with research team leaders from a variety of disciplines.
The overall selection criteria are technical readiness and scientific potential of the research but a good span over different use cases will be considered (i.e. suitability):

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Large-scale simulations
  • Data-intensive simulations

The proposal should specify the needed GPU hours, CPU core-hours, and storage hours. The requested resources should be limited between 0.5–3 million GPU hours and max. 16 million CPU core-hours.
The call is open until Monday, October 17th, 2022, at 16:00 EET (15:00 CET). The proposal form can be found here. You can save and edit your proposal until you decide to send it.
The decision of the acceptance of Extreme Scale Access projects will be made in late 2022, and the projects can start in early 2023.
Additional information on LUMI projects and evaluation criteria.

If you have questions, please contact

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