Analytics on Research Performance

CSC offers commensurable and accessible data analytics on research performance for the use of government, public and research administration. Data analytics supports research management by enabling a critical look on the performance of different fields and universities.

Bibliometric computing

Analyzing large amounts of data to support evaluation of research is the job for bibliometric computing. CSC's bibliometric computing provides information concerning the amount of scientific publications and their scientific impact measured by citations. CSC's bibliometric services analyze data from Web of Science and Scopus databases and VIRTA publication Information Service.

CSC provides bibliometric computing to support the monitoring of Finnish research in the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Academy of Finland. Some of the results of CSCs bibliometric computing are published in Vipunen for the general public to see.

Research and Development Statistics

The principles of public open data indicate also availability of information in the area of research administration in a clear and understandable form. Research and Development Statistics provide indicators and reports about higher education system and state research institutions. These statistics give information about the Finnish research field through budget, staff information and research funding to give a clear picture of the field as a whole and of individual actors enabling comparison. Statistics are published in Vipunen Education Statistics Finland by Ministry of Education and Culture and are provided by CSC – IT Center for Science.

The data are available in Finnish, Swedish and English. Vipunen is a joint service by Ministry of Culture and Education and the Finnish National Board of Education.

 IT solutions for Publication Forum

Publication Forum is a service by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV) to maintain and develop a national classification for scientific journals, conferences, series and publishers. Publication Forum Portal is the IT solution for maintaining, editing and updating the classification of publication channels. Publication Forum Portal is a cooperation effort by CSC and TSV.

Metadata of publications evaluated by Publication Forum is stored in Publication Forum Database. The Database is administrated by CSC and it is being developed as part of VIRTA Publication Information Service. The Database can be accessed through an application programming interface that can be incorporated as part of other information systems.