Apply for resources

The upcoming deadlines for resource applications:

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019, at 10 am
Monday, September 23rd, 2019, at 10 am
Monday, October 21st, 2019, at 10 am

You can apply for your project additional resources by filling an application form in the customer portal. You may apply for resources for your academic CSC project only. Please see the Principles of allocating resources for more information about the applicable use cases.

Apply for additional resources in the customer portal. Go to My projects and open the project. Scroll down and you'll see button Apply for resources, click on it. Choose Education or Research. Education is for short training and courses, or e.g. piloting IT solutions for education.

For Research please choose the Package size. S is for 100 000 billing units. M for 1 000 000 billing units. And L for more than 1 000 000 billing units. Please estimate how many billing units (bu) your project will use in about 3–6 months. It is advisable to apply for more billing units well before the current resources are used up.

The maximum grant per application is 5 million billing units. You may use granted resources on all services that consume billing units. A large collection of scientific software and databases is available on servers. You may have to agree to follow service specific terms and conditions for your use of application software and databases.


Disk space for projects in Taito

At the moment a user in a computing project may have a 5 TB $WRKDIR disk space at maximum. For needs more than that you may apply for a project bound disk space. This kind of disk space will be usually granted for the time span of the project but we may change this policy if necessary. You can send the application by email. The following items should be explained in the application:

  • Project code (e.g. ay1888, 2000040)
  • Requested total disk space for the project (TB)
  • A scientific and technical justification for the disk space request
  • Time span of the need (only valid till end of 2019)

The application should be sent to

Other Resources

Grid usage

Grid usage is possible by applying for a server certificate and authorized access to grid networks provided by CSC (e.g. FGCI, NorduGrid, PRACE).

Getting a grid certificate »

Database service

CSC's database service provides researchers a possibility to create their own MySQL databases. The application form for the database service always relates to customer's computing project. See user instructions at Kaivos database service user guide.

 Application form for database service (PDF)

Language Bank of Finland

Language Bank of Finland gives access to linguistic research material and software. For further information see the linguistics home page.

 Apply for Language Bank Rights on the Scientist's User Interface

Does your project require exceptionally large computing resouces?

See Grand Challenge Proposals »