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CSC’s recommendations for the implementation of Finland’s digital compass, part 2: Focus on RDI

Digitalization must be seen above all as an enabler of research, product development, innovation and new competences. Finland's digital compass must reflect this. One of the key tools for developing competences is LUMI, a pan-European supercomputer located in Kajaani. LUMI is the third most powerful supercomputer in the world, and has been rightly identified in the key results of the digital compass.

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To all young climate activists claiming we leave it all to them – Sorry, I beg to differ

Young climate activist – your task may well be to protest and demand changes and actions, but to claim that we in the older generations are not really contributing and that we leave the entire burden on you - Sorry, I beg to differ.

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Suurtehokvanttilaskenta – lähentymistä luvassa

Kvanttilaskenta on tulevaisuuden HPC-ekosysteemien kulmakivi. LUMI-supertietokone yhdistää HPC-asiantuntemusta poikkeuksellisella tavalla, joten on korkea aika tehdä sama myös eurooppalaisen kvanttiosaamisen alalla.

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