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Towards digital identity wallets: with patience and through practical applications

Moving away from rigid digital identities towards solutions where the user can choose which attributes of their identity they want to share with whom seems to respond best to what is expected of electronic identity solutions nowadays. But how does this work, what does it mean and what’s CSC’s role in all this?

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Introducing CSC's content retention policy in Services for Research and Education

The volume of digital data is ever-growing, also in research. The owner of the content needs to be aware of legislative issues, understand the meaning of good data management practices and make plans for the data lifecycle. GDPR also sets requirements on data. Personal data must always be managed and deleted according to published plans and consents.

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Mistä tunnet sä ystävän?

Tietoturva nousee tyypillisesti otsikoihin, kun vahinko on jo tapahtunut. Silloin on helppo ottaa kantaa ja olla kriittinen. Tulevien tietoturvapoikkeamien järkevä torjunta taas on huomattavasti vaikeampaa.

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Cloud Predictions for 2018

Read what we predict will happen in 2018.

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