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LUMI’s first scientific showcases emerging

The European scientific community has been able to utilize LUMI, Europe’s fastest supercomputer, at full scale since December last year. In this post, I will go through some highlights from the early months as well as reveal some upcoming developments of the system.

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LUMI is officially here!

The second pilot phase of LUMI, using the system’s GPU capacity, is complete, system’s performance verified with accepted benchmarks, contract work completed and, therefore, LUMI is officially ready to serve European scientists in its full capacity!

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Happy Retirement, Sisu!

Our trusted workhorse Sisu is ending its duty during this month after respectable almost seven years of operation.

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Kvanttilaskennassa otettu jo tärkeät ensiaskeleet

Kvanttitietokone on muutaman viime vuoden aikana kivunnut spekulaatiosta ja perustutkimuksesta aidoiksi kaupallisiksi tuotteiksi ja tuotekehitykseksi.

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You asked, we will deliver (or explain why not)

First of all, thank you for replying to our customer survey! We would like to put emphasis on some of the points brought up in the survey, and give our responses and suggestions on how to mitigate and overcome the observed shortcomings.

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