Corporate responsibility report

Managing Director's review for 2021

Kimmo Koski

For CSC, year 2021 was marked by strong development and growth in many respects, which strengthened our position as a key enabler of success for Finnish education, research and science. The data management and computing environments operated by CSC and the expert services associated with them mean that Finland punches above its weight as a cluster of expertise in computational science and enable state-of-the-art research in Finland and Europe.

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Principles of responsibility and finances

CSC is a non-profit limited liability company owned by Finnish state and Finnish higher education institutions. CSC's activities are guided by values that emphasize cooperation, expertise, caring and responsibility.

 Principles, owners and government
 Financial responsibility
 Sustainable development themes

Responsibility to society

We engage in an active and continuous dialogue with our different stakeholders. We cooperate and network with all actors in the sector openly, which provides opportunities for sharing views and development that benefit our customers and society as a whole.

 Stakeholders and stakeholder engagement
 Competitiveness in research ecosystems
 Benefits from well-managed data
 Digitality makes daily life better

Responsibility for personnel

CSC's business operations and the services it provides are based on diverse and strong expertise, in which personnel competence and their ability to work in a solution-oriented manner are key factors for the success of the company.

 Personnel policy, well-being at work and key figures
 Code of Conduct and equality
 Performance management, competence development and remuneration

Environmental responsibility

CSC is a pioneer in the sustainable development of ICT services and committed to promoting climate targets in all of its operations.

 Energy efficient data centers
 Environmental responsibility for other activities
 Environmental risks