Corporate Social Responsibility 2019

Managing Director's review

Kimmo Koski

2019 was a year of excellent results. Our targets were mainly reached both in Finland and internationally. Finland also secured a contract on hosting significant European infrastructure in the form of the EuroHPC high-performance computing project. The consortium of nine countries led by CSC came first in the project evaluation, and one of the world’s most powerful computing environments will now be built at Kajaani datacenter. This project worth over EUR 200 million will serve both Finnish and European research and industries in the areas of data, computing and AI research.

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CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.

CSC – Finnish expertise in ICT for research, education, culture and public administration

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Stakeholders and stakeholder engagement

CSC engages in an active and continuous dialogue with its stakeholders.

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Service provision

We harness our expertise, networks and information technology to enhance our customer's success and ultimately benefit the whole society.

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CSC adheres to both its own procurement guidelines and the Act on Public Procurement (1397/2016).

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Environmental responsibility

CSC is a pioneer in the sustainable development of ICT services and committed to promoting sustainable development objectives in all operations.

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Financial responsibility

CSC’s objective is to provide non-profit services to its shareholders.

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Reporting principles and formulae

The Corporate Social Responsibility website is constantly updated. CSR covers all activities controlled by CSC.

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External interests of CSC’s Board of Directors and Management Group

This section introduces the members of the Board of Directors and the Management Group.

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