CSC – Finnish expertise in ICT for research, education, culture and public administration

CSC is a Finnish center of expertise in ICT that provides ICT expert services at an internationally high level of quality for research, education, culture, public administration and enterprises, to help them thrive and benefit society at large.

We harness our expertise, networks and IT to boost our customers' success. We work closely with our customers on a non-profit basis. The purpose of our operations is to benefit our customers. Customers receive solutions tailored precisely to their needs (not too large, not too small). Our own expertise evolves together with that of our customers, which is what a real partnership is all about.

We proactively seek out innovations and new services through international cooperation to benefit our customers. Our mandate is to keep Finland at the cutting edge.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016

CSC:n logo

CSC's business ID was activated as early as 1985 and obtained its current form in connection with the organisation's incorporation in 1993. The letters CSC were derived from the company's name at that time, the "Centre for Scientific Computing".

CSC in brief

  • Founded in 1971 as a technical support unit for Univac 1108
  • CSC connected Finland to the Internet in 1988
  • Reorganized as a company in 1993
  • CSC's datacenter in Kajaani started in 2012
  • Turnover 35,7 milj. euros in 2015
  • Offices in Espoo's Keilaniemi and in the Renforsin Ranta business park in Kajaani.
  • 280 employees (in 2016)