Accessibility statement for CSC websites

This accessibility statement applies to the websites:

CSC is committed to making its websites accessible and easy to use for everyone in accordance with Act on the provision of digital services 306/2019.

  • This website is partially compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 AA standard, due to the non-compliances listed below.
  • The content listed below is non-accessible because it is not compliant with the Act on the provision of digital services 306/2019., and

Visual content and elements

  • Links are not sufficiently visually separated from other content in body text and the site footer (WCAG 1.4.1, 3.2.4)
  • The contrast of text with its background does not meet guidelines in the publish date on some pages and the submit button in forms. (WCAG 1.4.3.)
  • The current page in search result pagination is not easy to distinguish from the other pages because of low contrast. (WCAG 1.4.11)
  • The next and previous arrow buttons in search result pagination do not have a text label. (WCAG 1.1.1)
  • Some content can be partly cut off or overlap other content when text spacing settings are changed. (WCAG 1.4.12)
  • Some content does not scale properly on 320px width screens, causing horizontal scrolling. This can be an issue for mobile users and people with low vision using a large zoom factor on a desktop screen. (WCAG 1.4.10)


  • Parts of the interface or content are in Finnish on English language pages, but the language of these parts has not been programmatically set. This can be an issue for especially screen reader users. (WCAG 3.1.2)
  • Embedded forms such as the Feedback form are missing alternative text. (WCAG 1.1.1, 4.1.2)
  • The use of programmatic page regions is inconsistent and does not include all page content. This can make navigating the page difficult using screen reader shortcuts. (WCAG 1.3.1)
  • Keyword and category navigation on e.g., the Customers page have a misleading structure: the headings are announced as tabs by screen readers, and the content are announced as tab contents, even though there are no visual tabs on the page. (WCAG 1.3.1)
  • News listings on the front page and Insights and News section are not grouped in code, which can make it difficult to determine e.g., which date information applies to which news item when using a screen reader. (WCAG 1.3.1)
  • Contact information on the Solutions for Research page is not grouped in code. (WCAG 1.3.1)
  • Tables are sometimes used for layout purposes. (WCAG 1.3.1)
  • Some tables have undescriptive headings. (WCAG 1.3.1, 2.4.6)
  • The page title element does not include information on selected filters on the Collaboration page or paging information in the CSC blog. (WCAG 2.4.2)


  • Expandable sections cannot be used with only a keyboard on e.g., the Strategy page. (WCAG 2.1.1)
  • The subsections in the main navigation menu cannot be opened on mobile devices and cannot be closed without moving the mouse pointer on larger screens. (WCAG 3.2.4, 1.4.13)


  • Some of the options in dropdown menus in forms such as the Feedback form cannot be selected with a keyboard or using screen readers. (WCAG 2.1.1)
  • Selections in dropdown menus are not remembered if the form is reloaded due to errors in some of the fields. (WCAG 3.3.1)
  • Fields with errors are marked visually but are not available to screen readers. (WCAG 3.3.1)
  • The audio challenge in the Recaptcha anti-spam feature uses American English even when the page and form are in Finnish. (WCAG 1.1.1)
  • The Feedback form does not include autocomplete information, which can make filling the form difficult for some assistive technology users. (WCAG 1.3.5)


  • The embedded videos on the Strategy and Modern datacenter environment pages have some on-screen text which is not available in audio form. (WCAG 1.2.3, 1.2.8)

PDF documents

  • Some PDF documents on the site are missing the correct PDF tags, which can make using them difficult using a screen reader. (WACG 1.3.1)
  • Most PDF documents are missing a descriptive title. (WCAG 2.4.2)
  • Some documents have an incorrect or missing language setting. (WCAG 3.1.1)
  • Most documents are missing alternative text for graphics. (WCAG 1.1.1) CSC’s Services for Education and Teaching (

There are missing text alternatives on the main Education page, and the page on VIRTA (in Finnish). (WCAG 1.1.1)

  • Some lists are not marked up as lists in code (WCAG 1.3.1)

Newsletter form

  • Form labels are not connected properly to the corresponding fields. (WCAG 1.3.1)
  • Error messages are not available to assistive technology. (WCAG 1.3.1)
  • The form does not include autocomplete information, which can make filling the form difficult for some assistive technology users. (WCAG 1.3.5)
  • The text fields do not have sufficient contrast with the background, making them hard to use for people with low vision. (WCAG 1.4.11)
  • The error messages and heading text do not have sufficient contrast for text. (WCAG 1.4.3)

  • Table headings not marked up correctly in Table about services in Accounts and projects page and Applying for computing. This can make understanding the data within the tables difficult for screen reader users. (WCAG 1.3.1)

Billing price calculator on the Pricing page.

  • There is insufficient contrast in unselected tab with the background. (WCAG 1.4.3)
  • Next/previous arrow buttons in the pricing calculator are focusable but hidden from assistive technology. (WCAG 1.1.1, 4.1.1)
  • The selected tab is not correctly marked in code, making it difficult to use for screen reader users. (WCAG 4.1.2, WCAG 1.3.1)
  • The values of dropdowns are not available to screen reader users and it is not possible to select a value with a keyboard. (WCAG 2.1.1)
  • Success and error messages in the form are not announced by screen readers. (WCAG 4.1.3)
  • The button for removing rows from the Estimates section is not accessible with a keyboard. (WCAG 2.1.1)


  • Some of the options in dropdown menus in the form on the Accounts and support page cannot be selected with a keyboard or using screen readers. (WCAG 2.1.1)
  • The language of the How may we help you? form is incorrectly marked as Finnish, even though the text in the form is in English. (WCAG 3.1.2)


  • Some links open in new window, despite being similar in appearance to other links. (WCAG 3.2.4)
  • The Service Catalog page has multiple links with the same link text but pointing to different locations. (WCAG 2.4.4)

Missing text descriptions

  • Graphics on the e.g. the cPouta and Bioscience learning material pages. (WCAG 1.1.1)

Heading structure

  • Some content includes empty heading elements, which can be confusing for screen reader users. (WCAG 1.3.1)
  • The heading structure is misleading on some pages such as the Free of charge use cases page.
  • Some content marked up as headings are not actually headings. (WCAG 1.3.1)
  • Some headings have not been properly marked up in code. (WCAG 1.3.1)
  • The Application form for database service (PDF) is not fillable using a keyboard and is missing proper document tags and a document title. The reading order for screen readers also does not follow the visual reading order. (WCAG 1.3.1, 1.3.2, 2.1.1, 2.4.2)

Content which is not within the scope of the applicable legislation

  • Videos published before September 23rd, 2020.
  • PDF documents published before September 23rd, 2018.

Technical specifications

We highly suggest viewing PDF documents with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat supports assistive technologies better. 

Preparation of this accessibility statement

This statement was prepared on 10th December, 2020. It is based on an assessment carried out by a third-party evaluation of the website's compliance with the requirements of Directive (EU) 2016/2102.

This statement was last reviewed on 10th December 2020.

Feedback and contact information

Did you notice an accessibility issue on our website? Please send us an email to

Enforcement procedure

If you notice any accessibility issues on the site, please first send feedback to us, i.e. the site administrator. It may take us up to 14 days to reply. If you are not satisfied with the reply or do not receive a reply at all within two weeks, you can notify the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland.

Contact information of the regulatory authority

Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland (Etelä-Suomen aluehallintovirasto)

Accessibility control unit (Saavutettavuuden valvonnan yksikkö)