Case KAVI: CSC supports the preservation of Finnish radio and television heritage

Case KAVI: CSC supports the preservation of Finnish radio and television heritage

Mikko Kuutti, Vice Director, KAVI

"KAVI preserves films and film-related materials as well as television programs for our decendants. CSC maintains KAVI´s radio and television program archives and provides the live streaming services so that the films and programs can be watched and heard by our users today, as well as the future generations."

KAVI video
Photo: KAVI  The oldest film recording from Finland and Helsinki.

The task of the Radio and Television Archive (RTVA) of the National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) is to preserve Finland's radio and television culture for future generations. The archive contains the recordings of Finnish radio and television programmes since 2009 (including teletext). A public view ( with a database search function has also been added to the service.

CSC has designed and implemented the back-end system for the archives and integrated the service into the system in cooperation with the provider of the radio and television stream. The back-end system consists of data connections and equipment, live streaming with a server, and disk and tape storage archives. CSC also takes part in the quality assurance and monitoring of the recordings. CSC supplies the maintenance and development services for the service.

Digital Warehouse

Digital Warehouse is a KAVI service for researchers working at the institute. Its purpose is to preserve Finnish cultural heritage in digitised form. Elonet is the publicly accessible part of the Digital Warehouse: In Elonet, you can also view digitised films and documents.


-    preserving radio and television heritage for future generations
-    the information can be used in research
-    makes Finnish films accessible to all Internet users


-    Researchers and citizens
-    Archives, libraries and museums

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