EMREX smooths the path for student mobility between higher education institutions

EMREX smooths the path for student mobility between higher education institutions

The registration of exchange students' study records requires data transfers and, currently, manual work. This results in a heavy administrative burden and hampers the accreditation of studies and recognition of prior learning. EMREX, a solution for electronic transfers of student records, eliminates unnecessary paperwork and speeds up the recognition process of studies.

EMREX enables the transfer of study records between higher education institution, both home and abroad, by the students themselves. As the transfer of study records between institutions is initiated by the student, no specific agreements between the institutions or other actors are required, and the students stay in control of their own records.

Higher education institutions can use the service for such purposes as the management of double degrees, internal mobility and recognition of prior studies. In Finland, smooth data transfers are guaranteed by the integration of EMREX with VIRTA higher education achievement register as well as the on-going integration with the Peppi system that is widely used by higher education institutions.

EMREX also enables the transfer of study records to other stakeholders besides higher education institutions; Norway, for example, is piloting the use of EMREX for recruitments. EMREX source code is openly available on GitHub, where moderated participation in the coding of EMREX is possible. You can use the code freely when you join the EMREX network.


  • administratively light and transparent solution for managing student records
  • improves the availability, quality and reliability of student records
  • reduces manual work, the number of agreements and waste paper
  • facilitates the management of exchange studies
  • facilitates the recognition of prior studies
  • enables further development of versatile services 

Further information:


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