Eduuni-ID Identity Management solution

With Eduuni-ID, you can manage user rights and identities based on an email address yourself.

Eduuni-ID is a user management solution in which your work email address is registered and confirmed as your identity (Eduuni-ID), but you can select the login method yourself.

Trusted authentication sources by Eduuni:

  • Organisation IDs if your organisation is a member of the Haka, Virtu or eduGAIN identity federation or if the organisation is using Microsoft Office 365 (Azure AD) services
  • Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter

When registering, the login codes selected by the user are associated with Eduuni-ID. No separate user IDs and passwords are sent to users; instead, they use the existing ID of their choosing. If one of the authentication sources used by Eduuni-ID is found to be unreliable, it can be disabled, in which event the users employing it will need to register again using some other authentication source.

Eduuni-ID work email addresses are reconfirmed every year. This is done in order to ensure that users still hold these email addresses at the organisations they represent.

Eduuni-ID is primarily applied in Eduuni services, but the identity management service is also available for an organisation's own services. Eduuni-ID's benefits include easy user rights management based on email addresses, and identity management fully implemented as a self-service.

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