Funet CERT Information Security Service

The Funet CERT (Finnish University and Research Network, Computer Emergency Response Team) is an information security service covered by the Funet membership fee. CERT operations improve the information security of member organizations' computers and networks.

Funet CERT monitors and coordinates information security deviations at Funet customer companies, while helping them to reduce information security risks. Founded in 1995, Funet CERT was the first CERT group in Finland. Funet CERT is an accredited member of the Trusted Introducer network. This closed trust domain promotes cooperation and communication between CERT groups in a secure manner.

Funet CERT is also a full member of the international FIRST organisation. Membership of this organisation ensures access to confidential information on vulnerabilities and serious deviations, while also providing the opportunity to attend top-level training.

The service requires an active Funet membership.