Funet Network Connections

IP connection is a basic service automatically included in Funet membership, which provides the member organisations with high-speed access to the Internet and worldwide research networks. Such connections are implemented to the nearest Funet network router. Funet provides customers with a backup connection in order to ensure a fault-tolerant IP connection. Funet also provides other, additional connections for research purposes, the connection of remote facilities and other special needs. A customer's IP connection can be secured by means of a backup connection, eliminating the possibility of fibre breaks or other network disruptions cutting off outbound connections. Popular light paths, used for directly connecting remote facilities to the internal network on the main campus, offer another alternative to additional connections.

The IP connections automatically support the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, and IPv4 and IPv6 multicasts if required. Customers also have access to IPv6 transfer services designed to assist them with IPv6 protocol implementation.

In certain circumstances, special arrangements can be form part of the IP connection service, which can be used e.g. for implementing direct connections between different organisations' education or research installations. 

Connections between domestic organisations travel only through Finland. In critical situations, domestic traffic can also be re-routed through Sweden. International connections employ systems located outside Finland.

The service requires an active Funet membership.