Green ICT, a greener future

Digitalisation has many positive effects, but at the same time the operation of data centers consumes a lot of electricity.

Globally, data centers consume more than 2% of the world's annual electricity and produce 2% of the world's CO2  emissions. Reducing their carbon footprint is therefore an objective of global importance. Electricity consumption and operating costs depend significantly on the energy efficiency of the infrastructure and the location of the data centers.

The strengths of the CSC Kajaani data center are its modern operating environment, the excess production of renewable energy in the vicinity, and the opportunities for warm water cooling and utilisation of waste heat in Kajaani's district heating network.

For example, the LUMI supercomputer's data center will use hydroelectric power as its energy source, and the waste heat it produces will cover about 20% of Kajaani's annual demand for district heating. The possibilities for scaling operations at Renforsin Ranta Business Park amount to several tens of thousands of m2 and hundreds of megawatts.

Kajaani is well placed to be a pioneer in green data center operations and computing and a supporter of green growth opportunities and competitiveness.

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