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Destination Earth and digital twins – a European opportunity for HPC

Heatwaves, deadly floods, and wildfires are some examples of extreme weather climate change is affecting. Imagine an information system that would help our societies deal with natural hazards, protect our societies from extreme weather and adapt to climate change. Destination Earth is an answer to this need.

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Competence development, peer support and working together – CSC Research Data Management Competence Center

The goal of CSC's Research Data Management Competence Center is to promote the open science and practices of FAIR principles. We want to support our customers in implementing sensible data management and using data management services.

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Data analytics steps for supporting project planning

Analytical Steps is a tool developed at CSC for identifying data analytics capabilities. The tool has been inspired by the maturity models used in software development. In Analytical Steps, the stages of data analytics are divided into five steps: collect, describe, discover, predict and interact.

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Älkäämme jättäkö jo tehtyjä TKI-investointeja hyödyntämättä!

Mediassa on viime aikoina kirjoitettu CSC:n Kajaanin datakeskukseen sijoitetusta LUMI-supertietokoneesta, mm. Helsingin Sanomat kirjoitti lokakuussa otsikolla ”Euroopan nopein tietokone ratkoo pian suuria pulmia”. Kirjoitus kiteytti hyvin LUMIn käyttötarkoituksen eli eurooppalaisten tutkijoiden löytämien ongelmien ratkaisun – nopeasti. Huomionarvioista on, että hyöty on suuri koko Euroopalle, mutta myös Suomelle itselleen.

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