CSC's preparations for the exceptional situation caused by coronavirus

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Kvasi — CSC acquires quantum computing simulator

The selection of services at CSC is soon augmented by a quantum computing simulator, capable of simulating algorithms for quantum computers of up to 30 qubits. The quantum simulator gives the Finnish science and research community the means to prepare for the upcoming era of quantum computing.

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Using computer simulations in search of drugs against SARS-CoV-2

The researchers are searching areas on the surface of the new corona virus S-protein to which the drug could bind while preventing the virus from binding the ACE2 protein on the surface of human cells. The computing capacity reserved by CSC for research against the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the progress of the research.

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Pykäliin tuijottamisesta käyttäjänäkökulmaan

OKM:n järjestämään ja CSC:n fasilitoimaan työpajaan 7.5. osallistui kolmisenkymmentä henkilöä. Konkreettisena tavoitteena oli hahmottaa, kuinka suunnittelua yhdessä jatketaan ja organisoidaan.

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CSC offered resources in a virtual Biohackathon helping to develop new tools for COVID-19 analysis

More than 20 different projects and over 500 scientists, software developers and clinicians met in the online event from 5 to 11 April with a goal to improve the accessibility of COVID-19 data, protocols, analysis pipelines and provide dedicated compute resources to execute demanding data analysis tasks.

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