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New fields of science go computational

CSC's new supercomputers Mahti and Puhti and the data management system Allas increased the number of users of CSC services by more than 40%, services were opened up to academic use by research institutes and new fields of science found CSC's services.

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Getting started with bioscience services

Did you know, that many of CSC's services are free-of-charge for academic research, education and training in Finnish higher education institutions and in state research institutes? We offer wide variety of services, accompanied with trainings and support. Thus, there are also many ways and angles you can get familiar with our services – it all depends on your specific needs! In this blog post we aim at presenting some possible approaches to start your journey with us!

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Towards safer navigation and fully automated vessels with AI technologies

Groke Technologies is a Finnish company that focuses on developing intelligent methods for autonomous navigation to improve safety at sea. High-performance computing (HPC) plays a vital role in optimizing machine-learning models for computer vision.

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TKI on Suomelle strateginen valinta

Tutkimus-, kehittämis- ja innovaatiotoiminta ei ole muusta yhteiskunnasta irrallaan oleva saareke. Oleellista on tunnistaa TKI-toiminnan strategisuus – toisin sanoen sen laaja vaikuttavuus koko suomalaiseen yhteiskuntaan, erityisesti nyt, kun meidän on kyettävä samanaikaisesti sekä löytämään ratkaisuja monimutkaisiin globaaleihin haasteisiin että huolehtimaan Suomen kasvusta, resilienssistä ja kilpailukyvystä.

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