IaaS+ brokerage


IaaS+ brokerage is a service that is available for Finnish higher education institutions in 2021. The service is based on the IaaS+ framework contracts (01.12.2020-30.11.2024) established by GÉANT in the OCRE project.

Familiarize yourself with the OCRE cloud catalogue and take a look at the selected framework suppliers in Finland.

In the IaaS+ brokerage service CSC operates as a broker in between the higher education institutions and the framework suppliers, awarding contracts under the IaaS+ framework to suppliers and ordering services based on the aggregated needs of the higher education institutions.

The participating institutions can also directly place call-offs based on the IaaS+ fraemworks to the selected IaaS+ suppliers. Materials can be requested through GÉANT Marketplace.

More information and service documentation in Eduuni wiki.

Questions? Contact brokerage@csc.fi