Versatile solutions for user authorisation

CSC has expertise in the design, implementation and maintenance of user identification across organisational boundaries, such as the Haka identity federation service and Virtu trust domain for public servants, EduuniID and REMS. We have also applied our expertise in the management of sensitive biomedical research data in the international ELIXIR network.

Haka is the identity federation for the Finnish higher-education and research institutions that has 326 000 end users make. Haka identity federation also serves as a route to almost 300 services. Users log into Haka services over 30 million times per year. CSC operats the Haka federation of the Finnish higher education institutions.

Eduuni-ID is a lightweight IAM-solution to services that have a larger user base than the Finnish higher education institutes. The Finnish government has used CSC's expertise in building the civil servant federation Virtu and developing the eID solution for Finnish citizens.

MPASSid is a single-sign solution for basic and secondary educational institutions. The solution enables an easy and sacure way to sign in and access all services used by institutions. 

REMS (Resource Entitlement Management System) is en electronic tool for the management of access rights to sensitive and research data.

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