Are you applying for funding from the Academy of Finland?

Are you applying for funding from the Academy of Finland in autumn 2020? Data management is an integral part of your application. Learn how we can help you manage, access, or store your research data at every stage of your research. Make use of our expertise already at the application stage, and you will get your application ready at once.

At the application stage, all applicants shall briefly describe the following about their data management:

  • where the data will be stored and how they will be backed up during the project
  • how any legal and ethical issues related to the sharing of data (e.g. ownership, copyright, sensitivity) will be resolved
  • where the data or a publishable portion of them will be made available after the end of the project
  • if the project does not collect or produce any data fully or partially suitable for reuse, justify why the data cannot be made available even partially
  • a researcher who has received a positive funding decision must submit the actual data management plan within eight weeks of the funding decision

CSC's Data Management Services

The use of services is free of charge for academic research (doctoral dissertations or post-doc research) in Finnish universities and in state research institutes. Our data centers are located in Finland, so data is stored securely within the country's borders. The renewed data management webpages provide information about CSC´s services for the various stages of research. See also the new Service Catalog page, where you can find a short description of all CSC's data management services.

Read more about data management planning and about budgeting the data management from our websites.

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