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We here at CSC follow phenomena, trends, breakthroughs and pioneering efforts that affect our field. We are active participants in social debate and strive to influence national and international operating conditions in an effort to support our customers' success.



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Towards safer navigation and fully automated vessels with AI technologies

Groke Technologies is a Finnish company that focuses on developing intelligent methods for autonomous navigation to improve safety at sea. High-performance computing (HPC) plays a vital role in optimizing machine-learning models for computer vision.

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How blinking affects the tear film lipid layer in the eye

Dry eye syndrome is a painful condition affecting millions of people throughout the world and is caused by the evaporation of tear fluid from the eye surface. What causes this evaporation is the focus of a PRACE project led by Professor Ilpo Vattulainen and a team at the University of Helsinki.

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New understanding of both large and small-scale solar dynamos

Increasingly high-resolution and theoretically advanced simulations are providing a greater understanding of the sun by enabling the simultaneous capture of the two main constituents of the solar dynamo – the small and large-scale solar dynamos.

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HPC-Europa3 project enabling cooperation and program development for glaciological community

During the recent years the Horizon 2020 project HPC-Europa3 has been one of the main pillars in a continuous cooperation between the Elmer development team at CSC and groups all over Europe. And this even through the stormy waters of a global pandemic. 

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New fields of science go computational

CSC's new supercomputers Mahti and Puhti and the data management system Allas increased the number of users of CSC services by more than 40%, services were opened up to academic use by research institutes and new fields of science found CSC's services.

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Getting started with bioscience services

Did you know, that many of CSC's services are free-of-charge for academic research, education and training in Finnish higher education institutions and in state research institutes? We offer wide variety of services, accompanied with trainings and support. Thus, there are also many ways and angles you can get familiar with our services – it all depends on your specific needs! In this blog post we aim at presenting some possible approaches to start your journey with us!

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TKI on Suomelle strateginen valinta

Tutkimus-, kehittämis- ja innovaatiotoiminta ei ole muusta yhteiskunnasta irrallaan oleva saareke. Oleellista on tunnistaa TKI-toiminnan strategisuus – toisin sanoen sen laaja vaikuttavuus koko suomalaiseen yhteiskuntaan, erityisesti nyt, kun meidän on kyettävä samanaikaisesti sekä löytämään ratkaisuja monimutkaisiin globaaleihin haasteisiin että huolehtimaan Suomen kasvusta, resilienssistä ja kilpailukyvystä.

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Delivering impact by boosting the strategic plan of Horizon Europe

Drafting of the strategic plan of Horizon Europe for the period of 2025-2027 is already starting, and together we must make sure that Horizon Europe delivers real impact, while keeping up with the environmental, geopolitical, technological, social and economic developments that have accelerated or changed course since the adoption of the current strategic plan.

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Jakso 1: Tekoäly – ohjelmoinnin uusi vallankumous?

Onko vallankumous jo käynnistynyt? Ja jos on, niin mikä on tekoälyn rooli siinä? Ja miten ihmeessä LUMI liittyy tähän kuvioon? Tätä asiaa pohtivat suositun Elements of AI -verkkokurssin vastuuopettaja, tietojenkäsittelytieteen professori (HY) Teemu Roos ja CSC:n kehityspäällikkö Aleksi Kallio.

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Case Trafotek, SEMTEC project: CSC involved in developing modelling tools for industrial needs

Together with CSC, VTT, three universities and six companies from the electromechanical industry, Trafotek Oy participated in the SEMTEC project, whose mandate was to develop simulation tools for electromechanical problems. The project was carried out in close cooperation with research institutes and companies.

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Case Disior: code optimization support from CSC

Disior Ltd. is a Finnish start-up software company which develops computational software for treating bone fractures. Disior was one of the companies that was granted resources in the European high-performance computing infrastructure PRACE (the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) in its call for applications under the SHAPE program (SME HPC Adoption Programme for Europe) in autumn 2017.

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Case VRK / Valtiokonttori: CSC mukana digitalisoimassa julkishallinnon palveluja

Julkishallinnon digitalisaatio on yhteiskuntamme tärkeimpiä kehityskohteita. Yhä useampia palveluja digitalisoidaan ja tietoja siirretään eri muodoissa luontevasti eri toimijoiden kesken. Julkishallinnossa pyritään hyödyntämään entistä laajemmin CSC:n osaamista, jota on jo aiemmin käytetty tutkimuksen, opetuksen sekä kulttuurin palveluissa.

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Management and analysis of genome data support research in diseases

Data on the Finnish genome suitable for research use is available in different databases and data reserves around the world. Finland's national goal is to store all data produced on the Finns in Finland to allow analysts to combine it with other health data.

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