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CSC offered resources in a virtual Biohackathon helping to develop new tools for COVID-19 analysis

More than 20 different projects and over 500 scientists, software developers and clinicians met in the online event from 5 to 11 April with a goal to improve the accessibility of COVID-19 data, protocols, analysis pipelines and provide dedicated compute resources to execute demanding data analysis tasks.

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The Genome Center Finland will serve as an expert on the use of genomic data

Genomic data will open up new opportunities for diagnostics and treatment of diseases. The Genome Center Finland will serve as an expert on the use of genomic data. Its task will to be to enhance the responsible use of genomic data in the promotion of human health and to administer the national genome database.

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Multifaceted nature of sensitive data allows for wide range of research

Sensitive data is any data that contains personal information, which can be used to directly identify a specific person. Sensitive data includes personal identity numbers, genetic data or spatial data. Human genetic data can be used to develop better drugs, prevent diseases and choose the best treatment, such as for cancer patients. Indeed, sensitive data is a very hot topic right now, because it has been found that it can be used in a variety of ways in different types of research.

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CSC for sensitive data — because your data is worth it (and should be kept that way)

While ePouta has been successful in providing our institutional customers a safe and robust platform for their sensitive data processing, it has lately become very clear that something more is desperately needed.

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Suomen tulee olla digitalisaation suunnannäyttäjä

CSC:n tavoitteet ja tehtävät tulevalle hallitukselle pohjautuvat strategisiin linjauksiimme siitä, miten suomalaisen tutkimuksen, koulutuksen, kulttuurin ja julkishallinnon kilpailukykyä edistetään.

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Research with sensitive data requires high legal, ethical and security standards

Modern medical science has been able to improve human health tremendously during the last decades. Many diseases are much better understood than before leading to better treatments and more effective drugs.

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Cloud Predictions for 2018

Read what we predict will happen in 2018.

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