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We here at CSC follow phenomena, trends, breakthroughs and pioneering efforts that affect our field. We are active participants in social debate and strive to influence national and international operating conditions in an effort to support our customers' success.



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Korkeakoulujen KOTA-seminaarissa esillä korkeakoulutuksen tiedolla johtaminen ja visiotyö

Opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriön järjesti korkeakoulujen vuotuisen KOTA-seminaarin Lahdessa 27.–28.8.2019, Lahden ammattikorkeakoulun isännöimänä. Tapahtuma oli suunnattu korkeakoulujen tavoite- ja tulosohjausprosessista, korkeakoulujen tietohallinnosta sekä viranomaistiedonkeruusta vastaaville tahoille.

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EuroHPC highlights Finnish know-how, increases Finnish research prospects and enables more expert resources for science and business innovations

This article presents some of the key aspects pointed out of EuroHPC benefits and expectations in interviews with Jyrki Katainen, Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner responsible for the EU's employment, growth, investments and competitiveness, Jaakko Hirvola, CEO of Technology Industries of Finland, Ilkka Niemelä, President of Aalto University and Kimmo Koski, Managing Director of CSC.

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Restoring the honour of science and education

The importance of scientific knowledge, open science and continuous learning were addressed at the "Openness - The Lodestar of Europe" election panel.

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Browser extension with a library collection and crowdsourced knowledge crystals show what we can achieve with open science

55 participants, 15 teams and a few days’ time to figure out how to promote open science using technological solutions or concepts.

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Tackling coronavirus with scientific databases

Coronavirus can be overcome through international cooperation and sharing of data, and electronic research infrastructures can help with this. They include hardware, information networks, databases and services that together make up a network of global information exchange. Finland is a member of these infrastructures and the benefits are undeniable.

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Language technology paving the way for digital humanities

Computational methods are nothing new in digital humanities and social sciences but language research has a special tool that puts it ahead of the pack: language technology, a field that combines linguistics and computer science.

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What a researcher should know about persistent identifiers

Even the most useful information has no practical value if nobody can access it. Digitalization only aggravates the problem. Persistent identifiers (PID) are the internet’s way to point at documents and other items that should remain findable as long as possible.

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Corona tsunami

When researchers are developing a vaccine against coronavirus, they use open biological databases and data-intensive computing. CSC is a partner in this effort. It has opened a priority lane facilitating coronavirus research and provides access to supercomputing and management of data across national borders (European Data Space, Digital Europe).

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EUDAT – data services and international collaboration for research

Data is changing the ways research is conducted. The EUDAT – European Data Infrastructure – a research data infrastructure initiative co-funded by the European Commission, offers research communities and researchers a set of generic services on which they can rely to manage their data and build up their e-infrastructure capacity.

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Case KAVI: CSC supports the preservation of Finnish radio and television heritage

KAVI preserves films and film-related materials as well as television programs for our decendants. CSC maintains KAVI´s radio and television program archives and provides the live streaming services so that the films and programs can be watched and heard by our users today, as well as the future generations.

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