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We here at CSC follow phenomena, trends, breakthroughs and pioneering efforts that affect our field. We are active participants in social debate and strive to influence national and international operating conditions in an effort to support our customers' success.



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Kvanttifyysikot onnistuivat energian häviöiden ja siirtymien hallinnassa

Aalto-yliopiston ja Oulun yliopiston tutkijoiden kehittämä kvanttipiirijäähdytin mahdollistaa energian häviöiden hallinnan kvanttilaitteissa. Tätä tarvitaan tulevaisuuden kvanttitietokoneiden rakentamisessa.

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Exploring machine learning frameworks for cloud and supercomputing. Blog post 3/3

In this final part of the blog post series we will look at existing frameworks for implementing the combined machine learning workflow for HPC environments.

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Combined machine learning framework for supercomputing. Blog post 2/3

What would a combined machine learning framework look like and which primary components it requires? From the technical point-of-view, it makes most sense to have the interactive part running on Kubernetes, while the batch jobs would run in the HPC cluster.

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Modern machine learning with supercomputers. Blog post 1/3

What does it take to provide the most powerful AI system possible? For us working in supercomputing centres around the world, “most powerful” is where we are aiming at all the time. After all, pushing the limits of computing is what we are paid to do.

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Onwards to data-driven world, part 1: Where are we heading to?

Data driven forces of digitalisation, automation, artificial intelligence, and autonomous agents are all driven by software. Software is both the starting point and the final destination. Everything needs to start from something that is controlled by software, or at least observed by it.

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Case University of Helsinki: Cloud computing enhancing the research of cancer

Lauri Aaltonen, Academic Professor, University of Helsinki is analysing genomes with his team to understand the causes of cancer.

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