International Networks

Research is more and more happening in collaboration with international stakeholders. Therefore, it’s crucial that we at CSC develop services in cooperation with research communities and our European peers to facilitate the participation of Finnish researchers in international collaborations. Exchange of information benefits both CSC’s national and international stakeholders.

Our mandate is to keep Finland at the cutting edge. The networks allow us to bring Finnish views into European and global discussion on common standards and practices which bolsters Finnish competitiveness and brings benefits for our society at large.


The e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG) is a strategic body to facilitate integration in the area of European e-Infrastructures and connected services, within and between member states, at the European level and globally.

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The EMREX Network empowers individuals to control their own electronic student data and exchange it across borders, for example, in applying for studies, getting employed or recognizing a degree.

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EUNIS, the European University Information Systems Organization, is a non-profit organization founded in 1993. EUNIS' mission is to help member institutions develop their IT landscape by sharing experiences.

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The Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) is an organisation that facilitates the development and operation of high-quality e-Infrastructure solutions in areas of joint Nordic interest. 

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NordForum is an informal collaboration initiative between the national providers of Student Information Systems in four Nordic countries, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and the Netherlands.

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The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is a global bottom-up initiative building the technical and social bridges for data sharing and exchange, to address grand challenges and accelerate data driven innovation worldwide.

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