CSC Management Group

CSC management group members from 1.1.2018 forward.

Kimmo Koski

Kimmo Koski
Managing Director, Management group chair

Tiina Kupila-Rantala
Strategy coordination and internal services, Vice Managing Director

Janne Kanner
Director, Services for Culture and Public Administration

Pekka Lehtovuori
Director, Services for research

Minna Lappalainen

Director, Marketing and Communications

Klaus Lindberg

Klaus Lindberg
Director, Services

Antti Mäki
Director, Customer Relations

Kimmo Niittuaho
Financial Director

Jari Rajala
HR Director

Tero Tuononen
Director, ICT platforms

Pekka Uusitalo

Pekka Uusitalo
Director, Sales and Partnerships

Stina Westman
Director, Services for Education

Per Öster

Per Öster
Director, Research infrastructures and Policies

Tomasz Malkiewicz

Tomasz Malkiewicz
Senior Applications Specialist, Personnel representative in administration

The CSC management group assists the Managing Director with managing the company and implementing strategic and operative goals. The management group prepares strategic guidelines, drafts the action plan and budget, plans investments, allocates resources, makes decisions on significant operative matters, and monitors the implementation of its decisions.

The management group convenes regularly every month, while also holding separately agreed meetings on such matters as strategy and action planning.

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