Kajaani Data Center Ecosystem offers services, education, partnership opportunities and funding options for data center operators and ICT companies. The ecosystem involves a number of different ICT and service companies, research and education institutes, local authorities and funders.


The local ‘AIKA – Arctic Data Intelligence and Supercomputing ecosystem in Kainuu’ offers support and education for companies in data center sector.

  • Experience of several successfull data center and supercomputer implementations, including LUMI EuroHPC
  • Tested and proven infrastructure and competence in place for hyperscale computing requirements
  • Degree programme for new data center and data analytics experts by Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK)
  • Local, international-level HPC competence (CSC, Atos and HPE)
  • Data center design services and services for data center maintenance, security, operations and monitoring

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Jukka-Pekka Partanen

tel. +358 40 544 3501

Mikko Kerttula

Project manager
tel. +358 50 381 2766

Veli-Antti Leinonen

tel. +358 44 740 1010