Resource Entitlement Management System (REMS)

REMS assists researchers in managing access to electronic research material and resources.

REMS (Resource Entitlement Management System) is an electronic tool for the management of access rights to research data.

Researchers applying for an access right to a particular material first log into the system by using their home organisation's user ID and password, fill in an electronic data access application, and agree to the terms of use for this dataset. The REMS tool then circulates the data access application to the owner(s) of the dataset or their representative for approval.  REMS also provides all the required reports on applications and approved access rights.

REMS was originally developed for management of biomedical datasets as part of the ELIXIR project, hosted by CSC. The REMS tool is also used by other scientific domains.

CSC's work for REMS has been supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland and by Academy of Finland grants 271642 and 263164 to construct Biomedinfra, the Finnish consortium for ELIXIR, BBMRI and EATRIS ESFRI.


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