Under a decision made at the 2015 ordinary general meeting, the board chair, vice chair and each board member are paid a monthly remuneration of EUR 900, EUR 600 and EUR 500, respectively. The board chair, the vice chair and each board member are also paid an attendance fee of EUR 250 for each board meeting.

CSC has an incentive bonus system, which applies to all staff members in employment relationship.  The aim of the system is to support the implementation of the company's strategic objectives. The Board of Directors decides on the amounts and distribution principles of the incentive bonuses paid to staff members and the management group each year on the basis of a proposal made by the managing director. The board also decides on the incentive bonuses paid to the managing director and the persons reporting directly to the managing director. The managing director does not have any pension arrangements beyond those laid down in the statutory pension system.

The incentive bonuses are granted to staff members on the basis of written performance assessments prepared by supervisors. The assessments are based on the individual performance of each person and the project and teamwork performance. In order to be eligible for an incentive bonus, a staff member must have made a four-month work input during a period of 12 months and be on the company payroll on the day on which the bonus is paid. The maximum incentive bonus is 1.5 times the monthly salary.