Services for Research Administration

Centralised solutions for management and retrievability of research information and streamlined information flows across organizational boundaries

The amount of different research being produced is increasing rapidly along with the advent of research digitalization and open science. The number of the systems where the produced research outputs and other information are stored is alike increasing, resulting in wide range of separate and disintegrated information systems. The information is used in both research work and administrative processes, such as information retrieval, funding applications and reporting, publishing, the compilation of statistics and other dissemination of research data.

The solutions implemented by CSC compile scattered information into national data hubs that facilitate the utilization of research data and reduce administrative workload. The rationalisation of information flows lightens the administrative workload and makes the information more accessible and easier to find.  This will benefit researchers, research organisations, funders and decision-making bodies. In addition, research outcomes will be more accessible to citizens using it.

Our customers and partners include universities, other research organizations and research funders.

CSC Research Data Management Competence Center provides support for our customer organisations data support personnel.



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Research Information Management Services

VIRTA Publication Information Service

VIRTA contains information on research publications produced by Finnish research organisations.

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Research Information Hub

The Research Information Hub gathers and shares information on scientific research carried out in Finland.

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JUSTUS Publication Information Reporting Service

JUSTUS enables entering and saving publication information in the VIRTA Service.

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Analytics on Research Performance

JUFO Portal

JUFO Portal assembles information about different scientific publishing channels in the Publication Forum in one place.

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Bibliometric computing

CSC's bibliometric computing service provides information on Finnish research to support science policies and evaluating research.

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Research Administration Support and Coordination for Networks

Research Data Management Support Services

The Support Services offer support and consultation with planning and developing data management.

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Research Data Management Competence Center

The Competence Center provides training, materials and support for data management experts.

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Persistent Identifiers

CSC offers national services for persistent identifiers. We focus on identifiers for research data and research data management services.

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The Finnish ORCID Consortium

ORCID is a registry for persistent digital identifiers that personalise researchers.

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Finnish Association of Research Managers and Advisors

Unites research administration and management experts.

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Datacite Finland Consortium

By joining the DataCite Finland Consortium an organisation gets access to minting and allocating its own DOIs for research data.

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Data Support Network

Data Support Network provides support for collaboration for data experts and training materials on data management.

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