VIRTA Publication Information Service

VIRTA Publication Information Service

The VIRTA Publication Information Service contains information on research publications produced by Finnish universities, polytechnics and  research organisations. The service offers coherent and current information on scientific publications in Finland.

VIRTA offers research organisations the means for presenting, correcting and completing  information. The VIRTA Service collects information from research organisations' own research information systems or publication databases. If an organisation doesn't have its own database, information can be imported from JUSTUS Publication Information Reporting Service.

The publication information in the VIRTA service can be used in different systems and services which decreases researchers' administrative work. Information can be exported to research funding services, publication archives or research data services. VIRTA is connected to The Academy of Finland's project reporting and funding applications, and it supports the international ORCID identifier.

The Ministry of Education and Culture’s annual publication data collection from higher education institutions is carried out through the VIRTA Publication Information Service. VIRTA is also a part of the national Research Information Hub.

Information saved in the VIRTA service can be browsed freely in

CSC operates the service by the commission of the Ministry of Education and Culture.