Support for funding applications

Different funding models are available for research projects, the most significant ones being application programmes funded by Business Finland and the EU.

National funding programmes

Business Finland

LUMI computing capacity can be included in projects funded by Business Finland. The funding may be allocated directly to the company’s own RDI project or to a joint project in which a university or research institute is also participating. In this case, the university or research institute is the computing resources applicant. If the results are to be published openly, LUMI computing capacity can be used free of charge. Otherwise, use of LUMI capacity is charged according to the pricelist of LUMI computing services.

A Finnish start-up or SME may receive free computing capacity as part of an RDI project funded by Business Finland. The level of computing funding can range between EUR 20,000 and EUR 80,000 (taking into account the maximum aid intensity for government support).

Large and medium-sized enterprises can include LUMI’s computing services in their RDI project budget as well as any other purchased services. If the company will own the research results, the price of computing capacity is based on the pricelist of LUMI computing services. In such cases, the project may be granted a maximum of 40% funding.

Further information: Business Finland customer relationship manager or Outi Keski-Äijö (, tel. + 358 50 557 7663)


International funding programmes

Many RDI projects are part of broader research infrastructure programmes, such as EuroHPC and PRACE. These infrastructures also offer high-quality solutions for Finnish business users and new opportunities for cooperation and partnerships.


The core purpose of FF4EuroHPC is to demonstrate to SMEs how they can benefit from the use of advanced HPC services and thus strengthen their business through the use of these innovative ICT solutions.

FF4EuroHPC is a key programme for national centres of excellence and digital innovation hubs (DIH). The programme will promote their work with SMEs, facilitating the expansion of the industrial user communities and service providers for HPC in Europe.

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European SMEs can apply for HPC resources for their business ideas through the SHAPE application. In this way, they can use HPC to strengthen their competitiveness.

PRACE experts support the SMEs selected in the application process with any HPC-related questions they have, enabling the company to apply HPC in their business activities and product development. In addition, the application is a great opportunity for the selected companies to increase the return on their capital investments.

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