Use of computing services and pricing

Up to 20% of the LUMI supercomputer’s computing capacity has been reserved for industrial R&D use. The primary objective is to promote collaboration with higher education institutions or research institutes. 

How to become a company user for LUMI?

Private–Public collaboration project

  • Project in cooperation with Finnish university or research institution (academic partner)
  • Project manager (PM) is assigned from academic partner.
  • Free of charge if results are open and published.  If the results are owned by the company, the use will be charged according to the pricelist of LUMI computing services.

Pay per use model

  • Company signs a contract with CSC and pays for the resources according to the pricelist. The results of projects are owned by the company and they don´t need to be public.

Business Finland funding

  • Start-up and SME companies can request computing capacity grant at a value of 20,000-80,000€. This can also be added to an already running Business Finland funded project.
  • Large and mid cap companies can include computing capacity into their R&D project budget, 40% of costs are covered by Business Finland.
  • Capacity is valued according to the pricelist of LUMI computing services.


Test before use ("Try&Buy")

A company can get familiar with and test the suitability of LUMI computing services for the intended purpose free-of-charge through a "Try&Buy" -project.

  • The company project is created with two user accounts.
  • Project will have CPU-, GPU, and data storage resources for testing purposes.
  • Expertise support will be available to get started with the LUMI usage.
  • The testing project is available for a limited time.

After the testing period the company can continue LUMI usage by making a contract with CSC for the LUMI computing services, and by buying the computing resources for the already existing project (see the Pricelist of LUMI computing services).

The company can also stop to use LUMI-services after the testing period free-of-charge.

If interested to take LUMI in use, please contact our experts or


Price list – LUMI Computing Services

Palveluhinnasto – LUMI Laskentakapasiteetti
Service Euroa, VAT 0%
LUMI computing project base package 1.000,00 €
LUMI-C - computing nodes with CPU-processors (AMD Milan) - 1 CPU-node hour (node-h) equals to 128 CPU-core hours (core-h) 0,57 € / CPU-node-hour
LUMI-G - GPU (AMD MI250) graphics processing units  0,535 € / GPU-hour
LUMI-P - Lustre parallel file system 0,005 € / TiB/h
LUMI-F - Flash memory storage 0,05 € / TiB/h
LUMI-O - CEPH object storage 0,0025 € / TiB/h

Further information of LUMI computing resources consumption model:

Lumi Documentation

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