Solutions for Research

Solutions for Research

Computing services

A state-of-the art computing environment, cloud services, an extensive selection of scientific software as well as access to international computing resources

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Data Management and Analytics for Research

Modern data management and data analytics services as well as flexible solutions for various fields of science and research infrastructures

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Support and training for research

Expert support and training in the use of ICT environments and methods for research

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Research administration

Centralised solutions for more efficient use and retrievability of research information as well as smoother data flows across organisation borders

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Expertise and scalable ICT solutions for supporting research

Digitalisation means more combination, processing and analysis of large data masses, which require a computing and data management environment geared towards research needs, a fast national research network and high-quality expert support understanding researchers' needs

We provide comprehensive scientific computing, data management, analysis and research administration solutions as well as training and expert support.

Our services and solutions are used by Finnish higher education institutions, research institutes and companies.

Why CSC?

  • CSC is owned by the Finnish Government and higher education institutions
  • Our special task is to help the Finnish research and education community to succeed in theircore competencies
  • We have unique expertise in, among other things, data management, data analytics,scientific computing and interoperability of information systems
  • We provide our customers with properly scaled, cost-effective solutions that meet their needs
  • CSC's data centers are all located in Finland, thus allowing data to be kept securely within the country's bordersWe participate in key EU projects and bring the expertise of international networks and innovations to Finland

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