Title Publish Date
EU education policy must support digitalisation of education – CSC gave input to the interim evaluation of the European Education Area 9/18/23
Wide-ranging cooperation and global standards – CSC gave input to the evaluation of the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) and EU cybersecurity certification framework 9/18/23
European cybersecurity policy must avoid incoherences and overlaps – CSC gave feedback on the Cyber Solidarity Act proposal 7/10/23
Digitalisation to play a stronger role in climate policy – CSC gave input to the preparation of the EU climate target for 2040 6/20/23
More inclusive and sustainable learning mobility with the support of digitalisation – CSC gave feedback to the preparation of EU recommendation on learning mobility 5/3/23
Data Governance Act must be harnessed to advance the objectives of the data strategy – CSC gave a statement on the draft report concerning national implementation of the EU’s Data Governance Act 4/11/23
More precise instructions needed for deciding on the use of cloud services – CSC gave a statement on the updated cloud service guidelines for the public sector 3/16/23
Increasing the level of ambition of the 2030 digital targets of the EU – CSC recommends more strategic use of the key performance indicators 3/14/23
Turning the spotlight on future-proof digital research infrastructure ecosystems and competences – CSC’s recommendations for strategic planning of Horizon Europe 3/8/23
Digitalization as a systemic change and a driver of RDI policy – CSC gave a statement to the Transport and Communications Committee of the Parliament of Finland about Finland’s digital compass 2/22/23
Increased impact with renewal of structures and finance base – CSC commented on the draft plan for multiannual RDI-funding 1/25/23
Strengthening Europe’s cybersecurity based on existing international standards – CSC gave feedback on the Cyber Resilience Act proposal 1/23/23
Wide array of expert input needed for advancing cross-border interoperability – CSC gave feedback on the Interoperable Europe Act proposal 1/16/23
Towards digital ecosystems with enabling legislation – CSC gave a statement on final report of digital programme’s legislative working group 12/9/22
Development of emerging technologies requires enabling regulation – CSC gave feedback on the proposal for an AI Liability Directive 11/29/22
Strong competence basis and education as foundation for success – CSC gave a statement on the strategy for continuous learning 11/8/22
Towards digital 2030s with competence development and investments in supercomputers – CSC’s comments on the second draft of the national Digital Compass 9/16/22
Digitalisation of education requires a strong pedagogical approach – CSC gave feedback on the planned EU Recommendation on digital education 9/16/22
Digital competences at the heart of EU’s strategic autonomy – CSC supports the planned EU Recommendation on digital skills 9/16/22
RDI must be raised as a strategic priority for the society as a whole - CSC's statement on RDI funding law 8/16/22