Finland´s national supercomputers

Finland's national supercomputers have a combined computing power of 7.5 petaflops per second, meaning 7.5 billion computations each second. They are Mahti and Puhti (1.8 Pflop/s) and the Puhti-AI unit designed for artificial intelligence software (2.7 Pflop/s).

Puhti is a general-purpose super-cluster suitable for a wide range of applications from interactive data analysis to medium-intensity simulations. It has a wide range of scientific software installed on. Puhti’s GPU-accelerated AI partition, Puhti-AI, is aimed specifically at AI research and AI applications. Puhti was deployed in September 2019.

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Mahti is a robust supercomputer which was added to CSC's national computing environment in August 2020. Mahti is intended for medium- and heavy-intensity simulations that require high computing power and a very fast switching network.

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Allas is a shared data management system serving the entire CSC computing environment. It is suitable for storing, sharing and analysing data. Allas is based on CEPH object storage technology and has a storage capacity of 12 petabytes.

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