CSC is valued by customers and provides internationally high-quality digital services in its field of business. We believe that the future of the world and people will become better as a result of research, education and knowledge management. That's why we promote them to the best of our abilities.

Our vision comes from the desire to further a bright and sustainable future for our customers. We achieve success through our customers' success, which we strive for through by means of three different objectives.

Valued by customers

We are a trusted partner. We help our customers develop, discover and succeed by listening, discussing and developing services in close cooperation with them.


Digital service provider

We promote the digitalization development of our sector in such a way that the data serving as the basis of our information economy and research is properly managed and, in turn, generates added value. We ensure that software and data are interoperable, reusable and easily accessible.

Internationally high-quality

We strive for an internationally high level of quality, through which we promote Finnish competitiveness. We participate in and actively influence the international development of our sector and we repatriate expertise and financial benefits for the use of Finnish society.