null Vision 2030 for Higher Education and Research paves the way for development programs

Vision 2030 for Higher Education and Research paves the way for development programs

Nina Lundahl

The Ministry of Education and Culture published a roadmap for implementing the 2030 vision for higher education and research in early 2019. The objective of the higher education vision is to:

  • Increase the level of education
  • Increase opportunities for continuous learning in higher education
  • Increase the intensiveness of Finnish research and development

The roadmap activities will be promoted in five development programs. The objective of the programs is to:

  • Make Finland the home country of the most skilled labour force
  • Reform higher education and the digital service environment
  • Create the best learning and learning environments in the world through the competence of the higher education community
  • Make higher education institutions the best places to work in Finland
  • Strengthen cooperation and transparency as a resource for research and innovation activities

CSC supports the implementation of development programs

CSC supports the implementation of the new higher education and digital service environment development program commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The tools include awareness maintenance, investigations, specifications and related follow-up measures. In addition, support for teaching and learning and the administration's reference architecture will be expanded to serve continuous learning.

The contents of the spring seminar in May emerge from the development program for renewable higher education and the digital service environment. The development work is also supported by the measures of several development projects that have received key project funding.

"As the development projects progress, attention will be paid to how their output will become part of the permanent activities of the higher education field. At the turn of the year, the projects carried out self-assessments on their output, and these will be used as the basis for thematic cooperation during the Spring seminar", says Development Manager Eeva Polvi from CSC.

Development projects reform higher education

The Ministry of Education and Culture has organized two special funding application rounds for projects supporting the development of higher education. In 2016, a total of EUR 25 million was granted for 17 development projects. In the fall 2017, a total of EUR 40 million was granted for 19 development projects.

Key themes include openness and flexibility of studies, cooperation in organizing education and the faster advancement of students to working life. The first projects will finish their work at the end of 2019.

In the picture (in Finnish): The development programs compile and coordinate the development work and resources of higher education institutions, the Ministry of Education and Culture and other parties. Ministry of Education and Culture.

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