Solutions for teaching and educational cooperation

National and local solutions for organising educational and teaching cooperation across organisation boundaries

Accessible digital services are essential for international and national cooperation. We implement solutions that ease day-to-day cooperation and enable diverse and flexible study paths. We offer e-services that enable cooperation across organizational borders and support the mobility and interaction of learners, teachers and personnel.

We coordinate local and national networks, consortiums and groups that advance interaction and interoperability. We create new, innovative ways of operating and help our clients to understand the challenges and the future of the educational field. Harness our expertise in coordinating and facilitating!


A solution for the electronic transfer of student records that is produced with international cooperation. EMREX enables the transfer of study records by the students themselves.

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Online service for flexible studies that enables students to apply for a right to study at another university. Universities can process the applications quickly and digitally.

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A study attainment retrieval service which higher education students who are members of the Joopas consortium can use for recognition of prior learning.

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Modern and easily scalable electronic exam solution that promotes more interactive learning while reducing the preparatory work of teachers and administrators.

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Eduuni is an e-work and collaboration service environment for the Ministry of Education and Culture's sector and stakeholders.

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An international roaming access service eduroam supports and promotes the mobility of its users. When travelling, an assigned user ID and password can be used to log into wireless networks anywhere.

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Funet filesender

An easy-to-use, browser-based file sharing service that can transfer and share files up to several gigabytes in size..

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Korkeakoulujen koulutus- ja opetusyhteistyön tuki

These are coordination and consultation services that support higher education institutes in building and applying a joint architecture for digitalised education.

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Ammatillisen koulutuksen yhteistyön tuki

These are coordination and consultation services for vocational education that support developing joint visions, procedures and interoperable services.

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