General Terms of Use

General Terms of Use for CSC's Services for Science

Thanks for using CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.'s services for science. By using any of the Services referring to these terms you are agreeing to them. Please read them carefully.

For some services, additional terms or requirements may apply. Additional terms are available with the relevant services, and those additional terms become part of your agreement with CSC if you use those services. CSC reserves the right to change these terms. We will make a customer announcement if we make substantial changes to these terms.

Usage of the service is for Finnish academic research, if not otherwise agreed in advance

  • The rights to use the Services are granted for academic research and higher education by Finnish universities and polytechnics, if not otherwise agreed.
  • Users can only use the Services for the purposes for which they have been granted. The purpose is agreed when CSC approves applications. The purpose may be further specified in a research plan, objectives, proposal or other definition of scope.
  • Use of CSC's services may involve more license conditions by 3rd parties. For example manufacturers or external authorities may limit the use of services for research purposes only, or based on the nationality or affiliation of Users.
  • CSC is responsible for making available any extra licence conditions to the User.

Research results should be public

  • Unless otherwise agreed, research results must be released publicly, preferably for peer review.
  • The User agrees to mention in publications and presentations that CSC's services have been used to produce the results.

Registering an account and becoming a User

  • To use our services you must apply for an account as described on CSC web pages. CSC reserves the right to reject a User application.
  • Access to an account is controlled by credentials, for example username and passwords.
  • CSC maintains a customer register and a customer register information sheet in accordance with the Personal Data Act.
  • CSC requires User contact details to notify users about changes to these terms, service interruptions, service information and other important issues.
  • Users must inform CSC if their contact details change.
  • CSC is entitled to present general information about the User and the Purpose for which the user rights have been granted. Such general information includes the user's name, organization, project name, description and resource usage.

As a User, you are responsible for the use of the services

  • Do not:
    • Share your credentials, leave them for others to see, or neglect any security responsibilities defined in the service description.
    • Misuse or abuse any CSC or third party service or property, including intellectual property. Obviously breaking the law is considered misuse.
    • Misuse or abuse Users Content, credentials or other confidential information.
    • Send or transmit harassing, abusive, libellous, obscene or unsolicited (spam) communications.
    • Tamper with or deliberately disrupt system resources or network traffic to the Services.
    • Users agree to notify CSC promptly if their account has been used without permission or if their credentials have been lost or stolen.
  • Users are liable, even after the user account has been terminated, for any damage and costs CSC incurs:
    • as a result of violating these terms.
    • as a result of use of third party products and services in connection with the Services.

User and Project management

  • A User is a member of at least one Project.
  • Every Project has a User who is also a Principal Investigator. By default it is the first User.
  • Principal Investigators can request CSC to add Users to Projects.
  • If members join or leave the Project, the Principal Investigator must inform CSC.
  • Upon CSC's request, the Principal Investigator must report about the progress of the project and the use of the services.

User Content

  • User Content means User's data, software, servers, systems or processes that use or interact with the Services.
  • The User is responsible of that the Content stored in, or transmitted via, CSC's Services complies with all applicable laws and regulations and these terms.
  • User gives CSC the right to access User Content when operating the service. For example automated monitoring for intrusion detection, taking backups, copying/moving Content or reproducing faults. At all times CSC protects the confidentiality of User Content as far as permitted by law.
  • No ownership rights of Content are transferred when using the Services, if not otherwise agreed.
  • Users are responsible for sharing of their Content according to Project and their own requirements. For example if a User leaves a Project, they should ensure they transfer Content to another User of that Project.

Only limited backups are taken and not guaranteed

  • CSC takes backup copies of some Content. This is defined in the relevant service description. However, CSC gives no guarantee for restoring any Content and declines any liability for files lost for any reason.
  • CSC recommends that Users maintain an up to date copy of their content by other means if they cannot afford to lose it.

Service level declaration and limited warranty

  • CSC makes no warranty that the service will operate error-free or without interruption or that any communication to, from, or through the service will be completely secure. However, CSC aims to follow industry best practice service management and security measures.
  • Use of the services is at the users own risk and CSC is not liable for any damages caused.

How and when are User accounts terminated?

  • The User account is valid for a maximum period of two years at a time, starting from the day of admission, unless agreed otherwise. CSC will notify Users well before the expiration date of the account.
  • The right to use our services ends when the Purpose is no longer valid or the User has left the university or polytechnic.
  • The User account and associated Content will be handled according to the service description, but CSC does not automatically delete User Content without attempting to notify the User.
  • The user account can be terminated or suspended by CSC without notice:
    • In the event of any unauthorized use of the Services.
    • If CSC has a justified reason to suspect that the Services are used contrary to these terms.
  • You can terminate your user account by giving notice to CSC via contact information below.

Contacting CSC

  • To contact CSC, users can use Scientists User Interface (, email or call +358 9 457 2821.
  • Users are also welcome to give feedback about these terms or any other aspect of our services.