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Introduction to R programming

Introduction to R programming
Date: 16.12.2014 9:00 - 17.12.2014 17:00
Location details: -
Language: english-language
lecturers: Jarno Tuimala
Price: -

This course will introduce programming with the R language. R is an open source environment developed for statistical analyses. The emphasis is strongly on programming, and statistical topics will only be glanced. The basics of R language are covered on the first day, and the second day will shortly introduce visualizations, statistical tools and data technologies using R.

The course will necessarily progress quite rapidly, so previous exposure to programming with some other language might make following the course easier.

The course consists of lectures (50%) and hands-on exercises (50%) with R.

Please note there is a course on Multivariate data analysis with R on 17.12.2014 that might also be of interest.

Useful links:

Basic of R

Book on Computational statistics



15.12. 09-17

  • Installing R
  • Basics of R language
    • Data structures
    • Data manipulation
    • Control structures
    • Functions
  • Data input and output


16.12. 09-17

  • Visualization
  • Simple statistical methods
  • Data technologies (shortly, if time allows)