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Seminar in Kuopio: How to utilize new CSC computing resources in your research

Seminar in Kuopio: How to utilize new CSC computing resources in your research
Date: 04.12.2014 11:30 - 04.12.2014 15:00
Location details: -
Language: english-language
lecturers: Jura Tarus and Kimmo Mattila
Tomasz Malkiewicz
Price: -

The 2nd phase of the CSC's supercomputer (Sisu) was opened for the users on 9.09.2014, the 2nd phase of the supercluster (Taito) is expected to be available for the researchers in January 2015.

2nd phase of Sisu and Taito will open new possibilities for Finnish researchers - they increase the available computing capacity 5-fold.

During the last few years, the activities of CSC have expanded from supercomputing to several new fields, like data management and cloud computing.

The CSC resources and services available to researchers will be presented, so that they can benefit from them from day 1. CSC will also collect feedback for configuring the systems according to the researchers' needs.

This event is open for all the researchers and students of the University of Eastern Finland.


11.30-12.00 Coffee (sponsored by CSC)

12.00-13.30 CSC presentations
* How to utilize new CSC computing resources (Sisu and Taito) in your research
* Novel Pouta cloud services
* Services for sharing your data

13.30-14.00 Open discussion / Round robin
* What you (the user) needs for computation services & how CSC can help you?

14.00  -> Face to face meetings (to reserve time please e-mail kimmo.mattila at