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Unix Clinic

Unix Clinic
Date: 11.12.2012 9:00 - 11.12.2012 16:00
Location details: -
Language: english-language
lecturers: Juha Lento (CSC)
Price: -
Additional Information

Fluent use of Unix tools eases the life of a (computational) scientist. Bring your scripts to the clinic and improve them together with the guidance of CSC's specialists! Learn how to manipulate massive ASCII files, compile your application suites with make, and delegate tedious repeated tasks to shell scripts.

Possible topics include (but are not limited to)

  • make and makefiles
  • bash, tcsh shell scripts
  • line editors: awk, sed
  • command line tools: grep, head, tail, xargs, find, file, cut, paste,...
  • GNU autotools: configure
  • batch job scripts
  • version control with svn

Course participants are encouraged (required) to submit their own cases, such as ASCII files to parse, sources to build, description of the workflow to implement, to the clinic. The program of the course will contain going through these cases.


Participants are expected to possess a working knowledge on Unix/Linux operating systems, including command line maneuvering.


The main body of the course will consist of going through the cases provided by the participants, together with supporting lectures.

  • Short introduction to Unix tools
  • Short introduction to program development, make, compile, linking, objects, libraries, etc.
  • Short introduction to batch queue systems
  • Participants' cases
Course materials