Correspondence with the Government Resolution on State Ownership Policy

The following table compares the scope of CSC's corporate social responsibility reporting to the model defined by the Government Resolution on State Ownership Policy (3 November 2011). The table indicates with weblinks to the relevant information.

Reporting in accordance with the government resolution on state ownership policy



Additional information / deficiencies / exceptions

Organization, Corporate Governance, and operating principles

Basic information  Yes Read more  
Social responsibility management and operating principles Yes Read more  
Stakeholders and stakeholder dialogue Partially Read more  
Financial responsibility      
Financial responsibility management      
Financial objectives and their attainment Yes

Read more

Annual report (pdf)

Financial key indicators Yes Read more  
Cash flow to stakeholders Yes Read more

Annual report  31.12.2021

Support for non-profit organizations and sponsorship No   CSC neither supports non-profit organizations nor sponsors any groups.
Financial support received from the State Yes Read more  
HR management      
HR management Yes Read more  
HR targets Yes Read more  
Number and breakdown of personnel      
Number of personnel Yes Read more  
Employment contracts Yes Read more  
Turnover Yes Read more
Length of service Yes Read more  
Age structure Yes Read more
Reorganizations and redundancies / Employer-personnel relations      
Redundancies and lay-offs No    
Gender breakdown Yes Read more  
Equality plan Yes Read more  
Remuneration system and performance-based incentives Yes

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Competence development and training      
Development discussions Yes Read more  
Training and competence development Yes Read more  
Wellbeing at work      
Personnel satisfaction Yes Read more  
Working capacity and wellbeing Yes Read more  
Occupational health and safety      
Accidents Yes Read more  
Sickness absences Yes Read more  
Occupational health Yes Read more  
The Environment      
Environmental management      
Major environmental impacts of operations Yes Read more  
Managing environmental issues Yes Read more  
Environmental targets and their achievement Yes Read more  
Environmental key indicators      
Energy   Read more
Air emissions Yes Read more  
Water Partially Read more CSC is not a major consumer of water. Cannot be itemised. The property does not have lessor-specific water meters.
Waste Partially Read more The property has a common waste area and the proportion generated by CSC cannot be measured.
Compliance and environmental expenses No Read more No major damage.
Compliance and environmental expenses Yes Read more  
Transportation Yes Read more  
Materials Yes Read more  
Social responsibility      
Local communities      
Impact on local communities Partially Read more  
Bribery and corruption   Read more (CoC)  
Measures and practices to combat bribery and corruption Yes Read more  
Political influence      
Political influence and support Yes Read more CSC does not directly or indirectly support any political activities
Restriction on competition      
Compliance with competition law provisions Yes Read more  
Compliance with legislation and regulations Yes

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CSC has not been involved in legal proceedings or received any fines or sanctions.
Product responsibility      
Customer satisfaction      
Customer service and customer satisfaction Yes Read more  
Health and safety of products and services No    
Product and service information and marketing communications  

About CSC's marketing and communications

About CSC research ecosystems

About CSC data services

About CSC digital services


Protection of documents and privacy Yes Read more  
Sustainable consumption yllä Read more  
Human rights      
Human rights issues relating to operations Partially Read more No clear human rights objectives have been set.
Supply chains      
Supply chain management      
Purchase principles and policies Yes Read more  
Reporting principles and formulae      
Reporting principles Yes Read more  
Formulae Yes Read more  

Table: Correspondence with the Government Resolution on State Ownership Policy

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