Data for the future – CSC’s Data and PID policies

Data for the future – CSC’s Data and PID policies

CSC develops, integrates and offers high-quality digital services and is committed to good data management. We believe that the future of the world and people will become better as a result of research, education and knowledge management. That's why we promote them to the best of our abilities and develop and provide internationally high-quality digital services. CSC’s strategic goals include enabling world-class data management and computing and maximizing the value of data.

Data is often too important and valuable to be handled carelessly. In their work our customers, especially researchers, are required to adhere to the FAIR data principles and to make their data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable. Furthermore, they need tools to enable proper data citation. This affects us as a service provider and puts expectations on our data management service development.

Our revised data policy and new policy for persistent identifiers support us in achieving our strategic goals and promote the best data management practices. These newly released policies oblige us to undertake appropriate institutional steps to help customers to safeguard the availability, usability and retention of their data and help us assure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as well as internal requirements with respect to data management. The policy for persistent identifiers (often referred to as PIDs, the most commonly known are probably the DOI and URN identifiers) enables creation and management of globally unique unambiguous identifiers at CSC for our own processes and for those of our customers.

These documents are, in their first versions, mainly written for research dataset management, but as they represent generic level principles of good data management, they are aimed to cover and guide all data and information management at CSC including both customer-owned and CSC-owned data. In addition, these policies are living documents that will be reviewed regularly and revised when needed.

Published originally 5.4.2019.

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Jessica Parland-von Essen

Writer works as Senior Coordinator at CSC.

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