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null Elmer Coding Day
Elmer Coding Day
Päiväys: 30.05.2015 9:00 - 30.05.2015 16:30
Location details: -
Kieli: english-language
lecturers: Peter Råback
Juha Ruokolainen
And other members of Elmer team if needed
Hinta: -

This course is intended for those developing Elmer functions, solvers or other modules of their own, or taking use of some advanced features under development. The prequisite for this course is proven knowledge of Elmer (at least a basic course level) and basic programming skills in some language.

The participants will be guided by the developers of Elmer. As the instructing is individual the day is also suited for seasoned Elmer users.

There are no lectures planned for the day. However, the participants may give a short presentation (~10 minutes) on their case.


9.00 Start of coding
10.00 Coffee
12.00 Lunch
16.30 End of coding