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null ofud2020
Finnish OpenFOAM User Day 2020
Päiväys: 09.06.2020 9:00 - 09.06.2020 17:00
Sijainti: VTT, Kivimiehentie 3, 02150 Espoo
Location details: Seminar room Einstein
Kieli: english-language
lecturers: Several speakers
Hinta: Free for all
The seats are filled in the registration order.

Welcome to Finnish OpenFOAM User Day 2020 at VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd.

The event aims to gather together people to share their experiences and ideas of using OpenFOAM. Any person already using or starting to use the software may found the event useful.  We attempt to keep the day informal, but organized and informative - come along!  Please, use the web registration form below.

This year event organization is a joint effort of VTT and CSC.


If you are interested to give a talk at the event, please contact, or


Status Feb 27, 2020.

Computational design of experiments for fin-and-tube heat exchanger using Swiftblock
Turo Välikangas, Koja Oy

Blender for OpenFOAM users
Tuomo Keskitalo

Building and maintaining analysis capability with OpenFOAM (Remote presentation)
Chris Greenshields, OpenFOAM Foundation and CFD Direct

Thermal phase change modelling
Juho Peltola, VTT

Thermal conversion multiphase reactor modelling
Timo Niemi, VTT

Kosteuden- ja lämmönsiirto monikerrosrakenteessa
Antti Mikkonen, Sweco Rakennetekniikka Oy

OpenFOAM on Mahti supercomputer
Esko Järvinen, CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd